Opening and connection a real-money account

To start auto copying and use all the features available on BPT Social you need to link your existing Live account with Equiti, or open a new account

1. If you don’t have a Live account yet or you want to open a new account with our supported broker

you need to select the “I want to open a new account” option. Fill in required forms and verify your identity (submit documents for your identity verification).

2. If you already have a Live account

you need to check the “I already have an account” option. In this case, you are required to complete certain steps (as a rule, these steps include opening an additional account without the need to verify your identity again).

When these steps are completed, you will need to fill in a small form.

  • Enter the name
  • Enter the phone number you may be reached at
  • Enter the number of the live account, which you want to connect to our platform
  • Enter the trading server name (for example: Equiti-Live);
  • Enter the account type (for example, Micro, Standard, ECN, Personal, Corporate).
  • Press Send

We will verify your account, connect it to our platform and send you a notification e-mail within 48 hours (during working hours).

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