Signal provider


Signal provider commission

Signal providers make up to 35% of the commission/spread that we get from brokers. On average, a provider gets $3.5 per each Standard lot traded in accounts of signal followers.

Example of profit calculation:

  • You carry out 50 trades per month
  • You have 450 followers
  • The average volume of trades in followers’ accounts is 0.1 lot
  • Your profit is $7,875 per month*
    * Profit depends on trading instruments and the brokerage company that the signal follower has his account in.


  • Fast and free trading strategy connection to our signal provider platform
  • Possibility of connecting your live account and downloading previous trading history
  • Fully-automatic process that requires no active action from you (expert advisers aren’t required)
  • Promote manual trading strategies, forex automatic trading robots and expert advisers
  • Possibility to have all rights reserved and provide trading signals instead of trading expert advisers
  • High and stable payments to a bank account or ATM card without delay
  • No risk, win-win strategy
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Signal providers rating

Our platform features a special algorithm for trading strategy evaluation. It allows identifying the best trading strategies and raising them to top positions.

The better trades you perform the higher your trading strategy position is. It makes you more noticeable against other signal providers. It also influences the quantity growth of signal followers. Thus, your profit grows.

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