About us

What’s BPT Social 

BPT Social is An open social trading network that connects Forex traders all over the world.

In BPT Social you can share your trading Ideas and discuss them with the highly experienced

traders to improve your own experience.

Follow the Top traders; analyze their performance, and start creating your auto copy portfolio,

copying their trading activities in real time but with your own risk limits.

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Our mission is to provide a fully functioned network that connects all types of traders with any level of experience in one place, in which everyone can utilize the best of the provided data, ideas and trading activities to enrich his knowledge and maximize his gains. Together we can make a better trading experience. Trade Together, Trade Better.

Why BPT Social ?

Know why thousands of users choose us


With an easy to use and a user friendly interface comes BPT Social platform accessible for both begginners and professionals in a way that allows everyone get the best service with less effort.


Unlike forex signals and some other networks, copytrading on BPT Social is a totally free service. 


With more than 350 trading strategy provided by traders around the world, you can easily select the best combination for your trading portfolio diversfying your investment in different risk levels.

No Experience Required

You don’t have to be a proffesissonal forex trader to start copytrading on BPT Social, all you need to know is the basics which we give you on our educational section.


BPT Social takes every necessary precaution to keep our clients’ personal information safe and secure. 

Fully Automated

The copytrading process on BPT Social is a fully automated process, all you need is to link your trading account, build your portfolio, and then all trading activities will be automatically excuted into your account.


All linked accounts to our network are cloud hosted, no VPS is required, no bridges or EA’s are installed. Just connect your account and you are online.

Full Trading History Analysis

For each trading strategy on our network, BPT Social provides a full analysis of the trading history give you all the information you need to determine how that strategy works to know how you can copy its performance into your trading account.

Money Management

With 3 different money management models, select what’s best for you to start making money with your own risk limits.

What you can do on BPT Social 

Become a Follower

  • Open trading account under our agency with one of our supported brokers
  • link your trading account to BPT Social platform.
  • Choose from more than 350 different trading strategies and build your portfolio………. Read more

Become a Provider

  • Link your existing trading account from any broker to BPT Social platform.
  • Post your performance on social networks.
  • Get paid for the volume copied by our network users………. Read more
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